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GoGo Gallery is a new innovative program that teaches art appreciation and history through creative projects. Students connect with children from all over the world through imaginative adventures such as pretending to be aliens discovering art and describing the stories in each other’s work. As children experiment with various mediums, their motor skills, coordination, and planning improve. Of course, students learn to understand, analyze, and evaluate everything from contemporary sculptures to ancient Egyptian tombs by delving deeply into a single work of art each month.


Our Story

We offer art classes exploring a variety of media for every skill level, from toddlers to youth. Personalized to help students move at their pace, each program is designed to keep our students engaged within their chosen craft and reach their goals.

  • Art Appreciation
  • Artistic confidence and problem-solving
  • Connection with other kids
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  • Hands-on appreciation of Art History
  • Artistic development and skills
  • Critical thinking skills


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What our customers are saying

Janet enjoys her art classes since they are both enjoyable and educational. She learns about many art history stories and becomes more aware of her surroundings, while also developing her vocabulary.

Emma was always interested in reading and art. She loves the art club and looks forward to her courses every week.

Level 1 Mini Art Program

Students learn about historical and contemporary artist and experiment with different media.

Level 2 Art Explorer Program

Student discover visual arts through different mediums in just few weeks.

Level 3 Advanced Art Program

Schedule a personalized multi-medium and technique classes for your children.

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About GOGO

GoGo Gallery is a cutting-edge new initiative that teaches art appreciation and art history through creative endeavours.